Icon of the tragic love and opera, Verona is synonymous with rhythmic emotions by the slow flow of the Adige that crosses the city.An exciting evening in the Arena, the Roman era amphitheater hosting performances of great artists in one place, or visiting places of Romeo and Juliet. Even only this would make it a memorable stay in this city. But Verona has much more to its guests.

 For those who love architecture, not to lose is the Giusti garden with a maze of box hedges, greenhouses citrus, artificial cave dug into the tuff and Castelvecchio, now hosts the civic museum, built by Cangrande della Scala as his residence, and renovated in 1957 by Carlo Scarpa who brought to light the Gate of Morbio, traditional gateway of the medieval walls.

Masterpiece of Romanesque architecture is the Basilica of San Zeno, with an extraordinary canopy said wheel of fortune, and the splendid altarpiece by Mantegna on the high altar.

Testimonies of Roman architecture are Stone Bridge, with five arches and preaugustea era, and the Roman Theatre, the first century d. C., which annually hosts the Summer Theatre of Verona.

For those who love food, we'll be spoiled for the choice: we are in the realm of flavors of a unique local cuisine, and inextricably linked to its wines, known throughout the world.