Treviso is a city of green: green trees, gardens and water spanning the sixteenth century walls which enter the city, forming channels and islands.

Roman layout, medieval development, Venetian impact, in Treviso affect numerous arcades along the canals and the amount of frescoes that adorn the walls of many downtown buildings and that are reflected in the water of the canals.

The historic center contains a wealth of monuments.


From Piazza dei Signori of considerable interest are the Palazzo del Podesta, or of the government with the Civic Tower, the Palace of the fourteenth century, the Loggia dei Cavalieri, the church of St. Nicholas.

Noteworthy is the Monte di Pietà with the wonderful Chapel of Rectors, and the churches of Saint Lucia and San Vito that conserve numerous frescoes, paintings and sculptures.

Splendid frescoes in the Duomo, and those of Tomaso da Modena and Lotto in the fifteenth-century Church of St. Nicholas.